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Social Welfare

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Social Welfare

The calling to serve Jesus in the poor, especially the mentally challenged, the sick and the elderly, is realised every day beginning from the community life.


Faced with the spread of HIV + / AIDS which had determined a state of emergency throughout the nation due to the increase of orphaned children, the cottolenghina family, in 1994 , responded with the “Cottolengo Center” , a specialized structure for orphans suffering from HIV + / AIDS.

The cottolenghine nuns take care of these children with love, fostering a peaceful atmosphere and environment necessary for the normal development of the person.


The Cottolengo presence in Chaaria began in 1984; The Cottolengo Brothers take care of people with physical and mental difficulties.


It organizes the “Rural programs” for the hygiene training of the person and the environment and the health team of the Health Center also carries out the precious service of the “mobile clinic”

Food Security

COTTOLENGO TUURU MISSION is a centre of health, rehabilitation, educational, social, welfare and pastoral services aimed at the poor population of the entire Meru District, northeast of Kenya.


Cottolengo Boarding Primary School is a Catholic Sponsored School run by the Society of Cottolengo Fathers. Our vision is to provide holistic education to the young.

Cottolengo Boarding Primary School

Cottolengo Primary school was founded in January 1989 by the Society of Cottolengo Fathers under coordination of Fr Fiorenzo Crameri. The founding vision of the school “to uplift the living standards of the local population through education.” This is in line with the Cottolengo charism of care for the poorest of the poor, hence the motto of the school, Caritas Christi Urget Nos!

The school started with 36 pupils in Standard one and 39 pupils in Standard two. It had a tuition block of 3 semi permanent classrooms. These blocks were later upgraded to the current store, computer lab and library.

Where we are

The Cottolengo Boarding Primary School is an ordinary private educational institute in Ntunene, Laare, Kenya. This school offers the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), which is controlled by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) under the Ministry of Education.

Our main goal is to assist the local poor people to acquire quality education. Through education, better standards of living are continuously being realized.

Our sincere hope and prayer is that Cottolengo School will be a centre of academic excellence and holistic formation.


The Cottolengo’s motto is “Healing bodies to reach souls” 

Our health services

We provide the following health services:

  • Physically and mentally disabled people
  • Mobile clinic
  • Maternity, dispensary, training, emergency assistance for malnourished children
  • Outpatient service for the sick and the elderly
  • Vaccination service

Where we are

We provide health services in the following Health Centers:

Chaaria Mission Hospital 

Mukothima Mission Health Center

Gatunga Mission Health Center

Tuuru Health Center


Cottolengo Society of Kenya carries out activities aimed at spreading the founder’s mission, bringing the gospel to everyone, creating awareness, and building a better world based on evangelical principles.

Our Mandate

To make our daily life the place of realisation of the evangelical promise: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be given you besides”. (Mt. 6: 33 – 34)

Pastoral Activities

Cottolengo Society of Kenya pastoral activities includes;

Preparation for and Celebration of Sacraments

Pastoral Care of the Sick and the Elderly

The Pastoral Program in Schools

Prayer groups guidance.

Small Christians Communities

Catechesis for children and adults

Vocation animation programs

Supported Children

Supported Education

Helped the Sick

Supported Pastoral